Here’s What Else You Could Buy With the $13k a Khloe Kardashian Tweet Costs


Huffington Post Celebrity Editor Kari Friedlander recently tweeted a fascinating chart of how much it costs to buy a celebrity tweet for your brand. At the bottom: poor Frankie Muniz, who apparently commands just $252 a tweet. And at the top: Khloe Kardashian, who costs a whopping $13,000 a tweet, or about $92 a character. There’s no real way of knowing if this information is true — it’s sourced from social media marketing barrel scrapers IZEA, who presumably have an interest in inflating the worth of their “influencers,” one of whom is, yes, Khloe Kardashian. But still, let’s imagine for a moment that there are indeed companies out there willing to pay Kardashian $13k for 140 kharacters of brand endorsement. Here are some other things that money could buy.

$13,000 could…

… pay for the upkeep of every single animal on the Performing Animal Welfare Society website, with plenty of change left over.

… pay for landmine education in 16 Afghan schools (as per Help the Afghan Children).

… pay for a year’s high school education for 20 children in Kenya, Uganda and/or Tanzania (as per Aid for Africa).

… sponsor 36 children for a year at Save the Children.

… spay 130 stray dogs and/or cats (as per ASPCA).

… sponsor sight-saving surgery for up to 520 people who would otherwise be blinded by trachoma (as per the Helen Keller Institute).

… treat 2,600 African children for parasitic worm infections (as per Schistosomiasis Control Initiative).

… fund the purchase of 3,250 insecticide-treated mosquito nets for people in malaria-affected areas of the world (as per Against Malaria Foundation).

… provide emergency medical supplies for up to 5,000 victims of natural disasters for an entire year (as per Doctors Without Borders).

… provide meals for 65,000 New Yorkers at soup kitchens, or feed a family of four for three-and-a-half years (as per Food Bank for New York City).