How to Refresh Your Afternoon With a Quick “Roadtrip”


In a perfect world, you’d be able to hit the road for days or weeks at a time this summer. Alas, you’re an “adult” with “responsibilities” and a “job.” But you can still schedule time for a mini “roadtrip” during your work day. Check out these revitalizing pro tips, brought to you by Starbucks, your summer starting point for all day refreshment.

(Image VIA) 1. Go global Dining out for lunch may not be economical for everyone, every day, but it sure makes your lunch hour more interesting. Try exploring as many ethnic cuisines as possible in your area. In a cosmopolitan city like NYC, that’s easy — we especially like local recommendations from folks like Robert Sietsema, or the staff of Serious Eats. Discover Uyghur cuisine in LA, or find your taste for Peruvian food in Austin. Besides, hunkering down and eating at your screen can actually make you less productive. So hit the road, and grab an office mate if you’re feeling social. You may only be across town, but you can dine like you’re a world away.

2. Coffee break. This might be stating the obvious, but chances are, if you work in a metropolitan area, there’s a Starbucks nearby. Walk to the second-closest location and grab an Iced Coffee to get your morning going, an Iced Tea at lunchtime, or a lightly caffeinated Starbucks Refreshers™ beverage to recharge your afternoon. Bonus points if you biked to work; then you can venture even farther afield! If you’re driving, offer to pick some up for your officemates — they’ll appreciate the refreshment, and you’ll feel better about burning the gas.

3. Walk it off. Taking time out for fitness is a great way to recharge if you can get away. And even if you’re sans gym membership, you can still get a workout. Download a pedometer app for your phone (there are tons of options for iPhone and Android) and take a roadtrip on foot. Fitness + work escape = win/win.

4. Summer flashback. Wherever you’re going, make sure you’ve got the perfect soundtrack. Whether bumping on your stereo or ringing in your earbuds, summery tunes will turn your roadrip up to 11. But here’s an idea: instead of rocking out to the top tunes of this summer, go back in time and build a playlist of hits from years past — and we don’t mean 2010. Billboard charts the The Hot 100 from decades ago, so you can spend a summer roadtrip in July 1979 with Chic and Donna Summer, July 1965 with the Stones and Tom Jones, or July 1990 with Bell Biv Devoe and En Vogue.

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