15 Things You Should Do Today


There are a lot of how-to guides and tips for better living out there, but we’ve boiled it down to a simple 15 tasks. Check out these 15 things you can do today to refresh your routine, brought to you by Starbucks, your summer starting point for all-day refreshment!

1. Compliment a coworker

2. Listen to a new-to-you song or artist (A “Get Lucky” remix doesn’t count. But we’ve got somesuggestions!)

3. Donate to a charity or Kickstarter (Here in NYC, we’re big fans of The Lowline and the Food Bank for NYC)

4. Reconnect with a former colleague

5. Declutter your workspace (and, um, your inbox)

6. Reward yourself — perhaps with a Starbucks Iced Coffee to kick off your day, an Iced Tea at lunch, or a Starbucks Refreshers™ beverage to battle that 3pm slump? Or enter to win a $100 Starbucks gift card. We’re giving away 12!

7. Educate yourself (take 15 minutes and go down a Wiki-hole)

8. Call or text your mom/sibling/uncle

9. Take a walk

10. Share three meaningful items via social media

11. Do one simple thing to make yourself wealthier (start just by keeping better track of your money with an app for your phone)

12. Download a new game for your commute home (assuming you’re taking mass transit!)

13. Think of one thing you want to improve about yourself and set goals

14. Try to hold plank position for at least one minute. (It’s harder than this guy makes it look)

15. Schedule time to do one cultural thing this weekend. (Again, we’vegotsuggestions!)