What’s On at Flavorwire: Links You Need to See


In today’s link roundup, we get background info on Megan Draper from a soap queen, Star Wars gets a pulpy makeover, we relive last night’s Game of Thrones in GIF form and more.

Over at Vulture, 42-year soap veteran Erika Sleazak gives a full look at what life was like for a soap opera starlet in the late-’60s. Star Wars gets re-imagined as a series of pulp fiction covers — unsurprisingly, Princess Leia is in that famous bikini in almost all of them. If you’re an utter masochist, you can revisit last night’s Game of Thrones episode, this time in fuzzy GIF form. Maybe the grainier images will lessen the blow this time around. If those visuals still haunt you, cleanse your mental palate with this surprisingly intriguing “Where Are They Now” for the cast of Hairspray. Lastly, check out Brooklyn rapper, Angel Haze’s newest single “No Bueno.”