Pictures of Prince Doing Normal Stuff


Today, the artist formerly known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince celebrates his 55th glorious year on this planet (just imagine how many times that cherry moon has spun around him). While he’s one of the beautiful ones — untouchable, seemingly extraterrestrial — the purple paisley god is, at times, just like the rest of us (only more fabulous, and with a penchant for wearing frilly shirts). To celebrate his time with us, we’ve curated a gallery of Prince doing everyday activities — bike-riding, sports-watching, Batman-loving — with his trademark purple-hued flair.

He enjoys a soft drink. [via]

He shoots pool. [via]

He asks people to speak up. [via]

He listens to Beyoncé. [via]

He goes to basketball games. [via]

He wears hoodies. [via]

He has phone dates with friends. [via]

He’s pretty festive at Christmas. [via]

He reads about exotic locations. [via]

He loves the beach. [via]

He eats sweets! [via]

He enjoys getting flowers. [via]

He plays with blocks. [via]

He dresses like a tourist. [via]

He rides a bicycle. [via]

He’s really into Batman. [via]

He swings at the playground. [via]

He encourages good hygiene. [via]

He’s an amateur photographer. [via]

He paints, too. [via]