The Most Powerful Images from the Protests in Turkey


As you’ve probably read, the Turkish media is still studiously trying to ignore the anti-government protests around the country. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no documentation of what’s going on — a deluge of pictures and videos of the protests has been posted online via social media. Some of these images are citizen journalism at its best — uncensored and uncompromising, providing a stark portrayal of what’s happening on the ground in Gezi Park and beyond. They’re all taken from sources like Twitter and Instagram, and aggregated at, where there’s some 15GB of data aimed at “[documenting] all police brutality enforced by the Erdogan administration against peaceful protesters in Turkey.” The site was set up by Turkish-born programmer Igal Nassima, who, over the past few days, set up a “hackathon” tech support center for protesters at the Brooklyn gallery 319 Scholes. If you’re in New York and want to get involved, the group is looking for volunteer assistance, so check out its Facebook page for more information.