Jessica Pare on the Sharon Tate T-Shirt, the Hulk Endorses Literacy, and Jonah Lehrer is Still Absurd: Links You Need to See


What better way to encourage literacy than to build a nine-foot statue of The Hulk? While it does seem like a bit of a marketing grab, the reasons and programming behind the move are actually pretty cool. A few days ago we dug up illustrations of Game of Thrones characters as ’90s archetypes, so we were more than a little pleased to find that a second batch had been made! Jonah Lehrer’s newest folly project is a proposal for “A Book About Love,” which, clearly, is all about him. New photographic evidence that Daft Punk is made up of people with faces has surfaced. Unsurprisingly, they look like they’re about to play hacky sack on the quad. And lastly, Jessica Paré. Poor, poor Jessica Paré. With each passing interview it becomes increasingly evident that for better or worse, she wins the award for “Most Likely to Have Been Traumatized By Matthew Weiner.”