The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. President Obama appeared on Letterman last night and confirmed that he was black before the election. (video) [via The Awl] 2. Robert Downey Jr.’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes action movie — which is directed by Guy Ritchie — is already getting a sequel which will include Brad Pitt. [via THR] 3. Well that’s awkward: Polaroid might not own some of the 1,300 prints that it plans to auction off at Sotheby’s. [via Boston Globe] 4. So you think ex-House Majority Leader Tom Delay can’t dance? Then you’re probably right. [via NYDN] 5. What do a poet, a mixed-media artist, and a geriatric physician have in common? Meet the 24 recipients of $500,000 MacArthur genius grants. [via USA Today]

Bonus link: Pam and Jims’ wedding site