Letterman Gets His Old Man Leer On, Bieber in Space, and Faux Superman Ads: Links You Need to See


Whatever you do, do not talk about pee sheets around Al Madrigal’s children. In fact, if you’re ever around any young people, you should just steer them to this epic list of phenomenally curated comics everyone should read. But only do that for the good ones — the bad ones get sent to space. Or rather, send themselves to space. Most likely in poorly selected harem jeans (seriously, what are those?). In other news, now that Superman’s come out as a Gillette man, NextMovie couldn’t help but wonder what other commercial products the Man of Steel would support. Maybe he knows of a good juicer; heaven knows those are hard to come by. Lastly, David Letterman is the newest in an increasing line of Haim fans. Check out the video of his adoration.