10 Horribly Photoshopped Movie Posters


You can’t judge a movie by its poster, but a bad, lazy poster sure will tell you how much the film’s marketing team enjoyed those early screenings. While it’s easy to name off great film posters, there are plenty more unfortunately terrible ones. One of the biggest problems with bad posters is the heavy-handed use of Photoshop. After the jump, you’ll find a collection of movie posters in which famous stars have distorted limbs, unrecognizable faces, or vacant stares.

While the person responsible for this poster didn’t completely slim down Melissa McCarthy, he or she certainly blurred the hell out of her face, so much so that she resembles not the Bridesmaids star we know and love but rather a very terrifying doll dressed up as Dog the Bounty Hunter cooling off after a long day in front of his window unit.

What’s in Nic Cage’s hand? A bomb? A grenade? A flashlight? Where’s his other hand? Looking for a gun? A lighter? Bug spray? That’s a pretty deep jacket — who knows what’s happening in there.

I can’t imagine it would be too comfortable to sit on Jennifer Anison’s ass, which, I suppose, is why Gerard Butler is in no way sitting on it. But what is he sitting on?

More like Everybody’s Got an Eye Problem. “Hey guys, I’m going to take a family picture,” Robert De Niro said. “Oh, good, I’m going to stare at Drew,” Kate Beckinsale said. “No worries,” Bob replied, “because I have no intention of looking at the camera, either.”

Congrats, Dane Cook, you’ve got some arm muscles. The only other thing we can gather from this poster is that Jessica Alba had enough of Cook during filming and had no intention of actually letting that dude full-body spoon her in real life.

This isn’t an outtake from Actresses Without Teeth. The art director must have been screaming, “Jack Black doesn’t look shocked enough! Less teeth, less teeth!”

I suppose we’re supposed to assume that someone is giving Jason Sudeikis and Owen Wilson that hall pass physically, because there is no way that is Wilson’s actual hand.

This romantic comedy movie poster trope — all of the characters standing in a row not looking at each other — was so disastrous here that Dane Cook himself went into detail about how much he hated it.

I suppose the top half of this poster depicts some sort of fun, kicky Hollywood leading-lady Lamaze class, with Elizabeth Banks already going into labor, Jennifer Lopez as her doula, and Brooklyn Decker just happy to be invited to the party.

I’ve never been so confused about anatomy as I am looking at this poster. Am I to believe that Angelina Jolie’s forearm is roughly the size of a handgun? That is one long, skinny handgun (but at least it’s not covered in ridiculous scribbles).