15 of the Greatest Beach Scenes on Film


Despite the unseasonably chilly weather, it’s about that time to head to the sandy shores of your choice. If, by chance, you’re unsure of the proper way to enjoy your beach visits, you’re in luck: the beach has proven to be a familiar setting for a Hollywood movie or two. While sometimes used as a place for rambunctious fun and often chosen as the backdrop for romance, the beach is a go-to cinematic spot year-round. Check out these classic beach moments in film after the jump.

From Here to Eternity

The quintessential beach scene is often ripped off and spoofed, although no one really addresses how uncomfortable both of those actors must be. Think of the sand in the bathing suits!

Planet of the Apes

Who doesn’t love a twist ending? Bonus points when it involves swimsuit-clad humans who have found themselves enslaved on an ape-ruled Earth.


The opening to the classic movie musical has a hot-and-heavy montage of Sandy and Danny frolicking on the beach (in a nod to From Here to Eternity, no doubt).

Beach Blanket Bingo

This whole movie is a big swingin’ beach scene. People sure knew how to get down on the sand back then.

Chariots of Fire

Don’t act like you don’t imagine yourself running on the beach with this music blasting inside your head while you’re on that treadmill.

The Seventh Seal

Nothing is more summery than a chess game with Death!

She’s All That

It’s a regular ’90s Aeropostale commercial, but with extra terrible dialogue. (The twist: M. Night Shyamalan loves beach banter.)


If you’re heading to the real beach in the next few weeks, you might want to check this out in hopes of scaring yourself away from that frigid water.

Terms of Endearment

That car got some great traction, but one should keep the top on when doing doughnuts on the beach.


Years before Baywatch, director Blake Edwards recognized the magnificent visual possibilities of Bo Derek’s beach jogging.

Moonrise Kingdom

Nothing says “summer” more than young love, a groovy Françoise Hardy track, and dancing on the beach.

Dr. No

Long before Bo Derek’s gold bikini in 10, Ursula Andress made quite a splash in as Honey Ryder in the very first James Bond film (another beach scene alluded to in film, even in later Bond movies).

Top Gun

In one of the more homoerotic sequences in the history of cinema, Maverick, Goose, and the rest of the shirtless Top Gun gang play a round of beach vollyball while Kenny Loggins’ “Playing With the Boys” blasts from a boombox.

8 ½

What, you didn’t learn about life and love from a hulking Italian prostitute on the shores on the Mediterranean?

Saving Private Ryan

Nobody said the beach is all fun and games. Be careful out there this summer!