What’s On At Flavorpill – Links That Made the Rounds Today in the Office


Today at Flavorpill when we were supposed to be busy working, which is really hard the day before a major holiday… we chortled at this creepy New York Times interview with Karl Rove; we felt strangely excited by news that the Fat Boys are reuniting; we contemplated Jack Handley’s brilliantly hilarious plan; we cranked our favorite new office rap courtesy of the Sniper Twins; we donned our monocles to discuss the future of the city; we scratched our heads over the trailer for the upcoming Ace Venture Jr. movie; we played a few invigorating rounds of Super Obama World; we enjoyed poking a little harmless fun at a few photoshop disasters; and finally, we found new evidence that suggests that Dakota Fanning is most certainly an actor robot.