Leonardo Dicaprio Pops and Locks, Marilyn Monroe Seems to Live Forever: Links You Need to See


Few things are as entertaining as a bootleg version of something great; as such, these early versions of iconic film and TV characters are fascinating. Vulture dug up an insanely entertaining archival interview with Orson Welles. Completed several months before his death, the insanely entertaining archival interview with Orson Welles that Vulture dug up finds the auteur giving catty insights about everyone from Katherine “Katie” Hepburn to Woody Allen. Speaking of Old Hollywood, the ladies at Crushable puzzle over the public’s enduring Marilyn Monroe obsession and when, if ever, it will end. Speaking of death and rebirth, Neatorama shared some seriously impressive skull sculptures made of recycled materials. And lastly, Leonardo DiCaprio wins the Internet (and my heart) with his amazing pop-and-lock GIF.