Movie-Inspired Bars We’d Like to Drink At


Hey there, giallo fans! Planning a trip to Japan anytime soon? If so, you’re gonna want to put the Cambiare Italian Bar & Grill at the top of your to-do list; this recently opened establishment (brought to our attention by the fine folks at Bloody Disgusting) is a tribute to Suspiria, Dario Argento’s 1977 horror classic. But it’s just one of the many cinema-inspired bars around the globe; a boozy world tour is waiting after the jump.

Cambiare Italian Bar & Grill LOCATION: Tokyo, Japan INSPIRED BY: Suspiria NICE TOUCH: They don’t just replicate Argento’s primary color schemes and psychedelic wallpapers — they’ve got the same floor pattern as the apartment from the film’s opening death scene.

Club Silencio LOCATION: Paris, France INSPIRED BY: The films of David Lynch (particularly Mulholland Dr.) NICE TOUCH: This club, which Lynch designed himself (“from the interior to the furniture,” according to its website) includes a nightly program of “concerts by artist-in-residence and prestigious guests.” So, does that include Dean Stockwell lip-synching “In Dreams” and Rebekah Del Rio performing “Llorando”?

Korova Milk Bar LOCATION: White Plains, New York INSPIRED BY: A Clockwork Orange NICE TOUCH: This black-and-white milk bar was established in NYC’s Alphabet City before relocating to White Plains upstate. But here’s an interesting tidbit from their website: “Original partners Dominic and Todd have taken on a third partner, Alex, and bring you a bigger, better, and more beautiful Korova Milk Bar® and a full catering menu available for parties.” What are the chances the new third partner, this “Alex” fellow, is a fan of Beethoven?

Rick’s Café LOCATION: Casablanca, Monocco INSPIRED BY: Casablanca NICE TOUCH: Built in 2004, this Casablanca-inspired restaurant, bar, and café features everything you’d expect from the film — including an in-house pianist who will happily fulfill your request of “As Time Goes By.” The enterprise is owned by The Usual Suspects company.

Jekyll & Hyde Club LOCATION: New York, NY INSPIRED BY: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde NICE TOUCH: This Times Square restaurant and bar hosts “live entertainment and spooky special effects” inspired not just by Jekyll & Hyde, but the entire gothic horror canon. Like any good Times Square tourist destination, there is a gift shop, too — selling T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and… “insect and butterfly collections.”

The Slaughtered Lamb Pub LOCATION: New York, NY INSPIRED BY: An American Werewolf in London NICE TOUCH: The same folks that brought you the Jekyll & Hyde are behind this werewolf-inspired Greenwich Village pub, which has a dungeon room, a rotating werewolf, and a beer menu that includes the “Newcastle Werewolf.”

The Roadhouse Café and Double Duece Saloon LOCATION: Mesa, AZ INSPIRED BY: Road House NICE TOUCH: We can’t quite figure out if the misspelled “Duece” in the name (according to their Facebook page) was a clever dodge to get out of paying to license the name of the bar in Patrick Swayze’s bouncer epic or a sly commentary on the literacy of those drawn to such an establishment. Whatever the case, this one opened and closed quickly last year, an unfortunate development for those looking for a regular Saturday night thing.

Nice Guy Eddie’s LOCATION: New York, NY INSPIRED BY: Reservoir Dogs NICE TOUCH: Though this now-closed East Village sports bar drew on Reservoir Dogs more for its name than its decor or style (there were no ear-inspired dishes, and tipping was presumably encouraged), it did sport several posters and photos from the movie — and the iconic super-sounds of K-BILLY on the jukebox.