Daily Dose Pick: Poster Child Prints


Poster Child Prints is the web’s first comprehensive site with a singular focus on selling affordable, high-design friendly prints.

The just-launched online gallery offers limited-edition screenprints made exclusively for PCP, with an artist roster that ranges from David Weidman — the octogenarian illustrator who created Mr. Magoo in the ’50s — to Taki 183, the kid from Washington Heights who became famous for graffiti after being outed by the New York Times in 1971.

Poster Child founder Sonja Teri first started her “wishlist” of over 100 artists while working in publishing at Swindle magazine. Using a model popularized by Shepard Fairey, Teri tapped into a population of enthusiastic street art fans who can’t necessarily afford an original piece selling in a gallery for $20K. Instead, avid print culture has developed an online community where aficionados and amateurs alike can buy and trade artist’s prints like baseball cards.

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Dalek “Lines” print, edition of 50.

David Weidman’s “In God We Trust” and “Home Sweet Home.”

Joshua Petker “Sugarwater” prints and certificate of authenticity.

Five-color screenprint from Chicago graffiti artist Pose.

Rocky Grimes signing his screen print “Celebration of Broken Lights.”

Collage by Taki 183; signature detail from a Saber print of MSK Taft Building.

“Desire” print by Deedee Cheriel and Jim Houser‘s graphic “Stormfront.”