10 of the Geekiest Restaurants of All Time


Last week, Flavorwire took a look at literary restaurants with an eye towards getting those book nerds around the world fed. But what if you’re another kind of nerd? Never fear, for there is a restaurant geared at every sort of geek, whether you’re into gaming, comic books, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, or all of the above. After the jump, check out ten of the all-time geekiest restaurants, and as ever, if your local nerdy to-go place didn’t make the list, add it on in the comments.

Safe House, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A spy-themed eatery behind a secret red portal (the sign next to the door reads INTERNATIONAL EXPORTS, LTD. ESTAB. 1868), complete with secret passageways and a chair that rises from the floor. Password required, naturally. [Photos via]

World of Warcraft-themed restaurant, Beijing, China

You know all those stories about people playing so much WoW that they forget to eat? This place is for them.

The Grillenium Falcon, Fayetteville, Arkansas

This one makes the list on pun points alone. As you might expect, this food truck serves themed grilled cheeses like the “Ham Solo” and the “Cheebacca” and even (to stir things up a bit) the “Jack to the Future.” Charming. [Photo via]

Ninja New York, NYC

If you’re about to say “wait a minute, ninjas are cool,” then congratulations, you’re a big ol’ geek. This notorious NYC theme restaurant is designed to mimic a feudal ninja village, where “clever contraptions are setup throughout so as to deceive the eye of any intruder.” Upon entry, you must choose the simple path to your table — or the dangerous one, but no matter which you choose, you will be served by yelling, costumed ninjas who take pleasure in scaring you. Attention: before you attempt a visit, read what Frank Bruni has to say about it.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Well, of course. This family dinner theater/Renaissance fair chain is an American tradition — watch a joust and eat a burger in a replica 11th-century castle, with surly attendants in full costume! For more, see George Saunders’s excellent “My Chivalric Fiasco.” It’s definitely better than eating there, anyway.

Action Burger, Brooklyn, NY

Billed as “America’s first comic book/Sci-fi themed restaurant,” Action Burger is owned by two comic book creators and collectors and comes complete with four-color design, stacks of comics at every table, and arcade games to “work off” all the “Villain Food” or “Hero Food” you’ve just gobbled down. [Photos via and via]

EXP Restaurant + Bar, Vancouver, Canada

Gamers, rejoice. At this video game-themed restaurant, you can get your power back with “Main Quests” or “Multiplayer” platters and watch gameplay on giant screens. Also, take note of what’s grilled into those burgers… [Photos via]

Miracle of Science, Cambridge, MA

This delightfully nerdy eatery displays its menu via a chalkboard periodic table. According to their website, “this place is always packed with artists, musicians, geo physicists and computer gurus who know they don’t have to go anywhere else looking for a good time.” [Photo via]

Demacia, Chongqing, China

On the sixth floor of a shopping mall in Chongqing, China is a League of Legends-themed restaurant called Demacia, where patrons can play the game, drink themed “potions,” and hang out with these interestingly garbed people. [Photos via]

Mars 2112, New York, NY

This restaurant is now sadly defunct, but it didn’t seem right not to mention it. After all, in what other outer space-themed joint does a UFO show up to take you to your table? What glories the NYC tourism industry hath wrought. And then destroyed, but still.