7 Fascinating Works of Art Created on the iPad


Even if you aren’t turned on by iPad art, it’s impossible to deny its power as an equalizer. When you consider the breadth of iPad art’s success — Paper, the most popular iPad app around, is also one of the top-grossing productivity apps ever — it can be overwhelming to think about how many different kinds of artists, famous and otherwise, have started to engage the medium seriously.

This following is likely to grow even larger now that the founders of Fiftythree, the company that released Paper a year ago, has raised $15 million for its next venture. “It’s not just for pro artists and content creators,” co-founder Georg Petschnigg told Wired . “We think that anyone with a mind can create, with the right tools and the right passion.” Lots of people have seen the exhibition of David Hockney at the Fondation Pierre Bergé in Paris. Click through below to see the work of a few more artists whose iPad art gives new meaning to fingerpainting.

David Hockney

David Hockney, Green fingers … Under the Trees, Bigger, 2010-11.

[Image via Royal Academy]

Mike Miller

Mike Miller, Humpty Bunny, 2010.

[Image via Flickr]

Igor Cheban

Igor Cheban, Bird Slayer, 2013.

[Image via Imgur]

David Kassan

[Image via The Telegraph ]

Ringo Starr

[Image via The Independent]

Seikou Yamaoka

[Image via Design Collector]

Benjamin Rabe

[Image via Nonuts.de]