How to Cope With the ‘Mad Men’ Season Finale, Great Authors on Twitter: Links You Need to See


Before heading into Mad Men‘s season finale on Sunday, here are a few ways to cope with the Jedi mind tricks that will certainly be played that day. Although Mad Men (or maybe just Don) routinely punches you in the face with cynicism and despair, there are some shows that still uphold your sense of hope and pluck, so why not find out why A.V. Club thinks The Mary Tyler Moore Show was an evolutionary point for sitcoms? Speaking of evolution, track the shift in the Hollywood zombie over the last 50 years. The New Yorker tries to imagine how great literary authors would cope with the rise of Twitter (hint: Henry James wouldn’t fare well). Lastly, the Seattle Library teamed up with some college students to build the largest book-domino chain and made a great video documenting it!