The Wedding Photos of 16 Famous Authors in Love


If you’re a social person of a certain age, you’ve now embarked upon that most joyful and expensive of all times of year: wedding season. Last week, Flavorwire rounded up some charming wedding photos of famous musicians, but for those interested in a little seasonal inspiration from the literary set, find their white weddings (or tweed ones, as the case may be) after the jump.

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer were wed on January 2, 2011 “(actually and legally, this time)” at a dinner hosted by the Chabon-Waldmans. Daniel Handler played Palmer in on the accordion, and everybody ate Mexican food and pie. Pretty idyllic, or what? [via]

Ernest Hemingway Collection. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

A thrilled Ernest Hemingway at his wedding to Elizabeth Hadley Richardson on September 3, 1921, in Horton’s Bay, Michigan. [via]

Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi at their 2004 wedding in New York. [via]

Robert A. Heinlein with his second wife, Leslyn, on their wedding day, 1932. [via]

Roald Dahl with his new wife, the future Academy Award-winning actress Patricia Neal, at Trinity Church Chapel in New York, July 2, 1953. The two met at a dinner party hosted by Lillian Hellman.[via]

In September of 1922, Margaret Mitchell married “Red” Upshaw (pictured sixth and fifth from left, respectively), the man who served as the model for Rhett Butler. Three years later, best man John Marsh (pictured second from left) would become Mitchell’s second husband, and her editor for Gone With the Wind. [via]

When Arthur Miller married Marilyn Monroe, June 25, 1956. [via]

William Styron and his wife Rose at their wedding in Rome in 1953. In attendance are Irwin Shaw, John Marquand, Tom Guinzburg, Peter Matthiessen, and Frank Wigglesworth, among others. [via]

Kingsley and Elizabeth Jane Howard at their wedding reception in 1965. [via]

The extremely dapper and amazing-looking wedding of Alan Moore to Melinda Perry Gebbie, as captured by Neil Gaiman, 2007. [via]

Arthur Conan Doyle married Jean Leckie in 1907, after the death of his first wife the previous year. [via]

Mary McCarthy and playwright Harold Johnsrud on their wedding day in 1933. [via]

A 19-year-old Raymond Carver cuts the cake with his 16-year-old bride Maryann Burk, June 1957. [via]

Jhumpa Lahiri and Alberto Vourvoulias-Bush on their wedding day, Calcutta, 2001. [via]

Beatrix Potter and William Heelis looking casual on their wedding day, October 1913. [via]

Virginia and Leonard Woolf on their wedding day, August, 1912. [via]