“Khaleesi” Is the New “Jayden,” Best F-Bombs in Film: Links You Need to See


If you thought naming your child Apple, Audioscience, or Moxie Crimefighter was bad, get a load of the newest freaky/geeky baby name — but don’t get any ideas. Jim Carrey may have (basically) flipped Kick-Ass 2 the bird, but how will it impact the movie’s bottom line? PG-13 movies are allowed one F-bomb for the duration of the film; Next Movie rounded up the most strategic uses of everyone’s favorite four-letter word. Personally, I can’t take a good photo to save my life, so this perfectly composed image strikes me as an absolute marvel. Lastly, self-taught artist Pu Derong makes egg carvings that are so amazingly intricate we’re sure his mother begged him to save those steady hands for med school.