For Your Calendar: Bask in the Glory of Cheese


Cheese truly is one of the greatest and most glorious things you can eat (unless you’re lactose intolerant or vegan, in which case we’re truly sorry for saying that), and there might not be any other type of food that people get as obsessed over. Be it a stinky blue, a yellow chunk of cheddar from Wisconsin, or some hard piece of goodness from some small village in Italy, cheesemongers get nuts about cheese in a way that rivals wine snobs and coffee nerds.

If you’re one of those cheese crazies, or you just want to get even more into mozzarella and Emmental, The Fourth Annual Cheesemongers Invitational — an event that has been described as Fight Club and the Olympics for cheese — is pretty much the only place you need to be this weekend. And not only will you eat cheese, but the best cheese and salumi makers, picklers, honey gatherers, and olive curers in the world will also be on hand to feed you. Plus you can get your fill of craft beer and plenty of wine.

Why would you really want to do anything else?