Contemporary Artists’ Portraits of Famous Literary Characters


If you’re an avid reader, you know that the best literary characters seldom stay on the page, but rather climb out and wander around, manifesting themselves in whatever medium they can insinuate themselves into. To that end, San Francisco’s Modern Eden Gallery has put together a bookish group exhibition called Fiction, featuring portraits of famous literary characters from Ahab to Lisbeth, which is on view through July 13. Check out some of the best pieces from the show after the jump, and then be sure to head on over to the gallery’s website to see more from the exhibit.

“Lisbeth,” Edith Lebeau

“Orlando, Transfiguration,” Lance Hewison

“Picture of Dorian Gray,” Bradley Platz

“Patrick Bateman,” Leilani Bustamante

“Ye Damned Whale,” Terry Ribera

“If You Cannot Teach Me to Fly, Teach Me to Sing,” Amy Katherine Minchew

“Night Flow,” Soey Milk

“Coraline,” Chrystal Chan

“Some Animals are More Equal Than Others,” Robert Bowen

“Alice of Wonderland,” Brianna Angelakis