Pop Culture’s Best Tributes to Badass State Senator Wendy Davis


With her 13-hour filibuster to block Texas’s beyond-archaic SB5 anti-abortion bill, state senator Wendy Davis instantly rocketed from impressive political up-and-comer to the Internet’s favorite feminist icon. And with that newfound icon status comes many, many expressions of (largely virtual) admiration and appreciation. Tributes to Davis in the days following her truly epic marathon speech have ranged from celebrity nods to Amazon review bombing, celebrating her as a bright spot in a battle that it’s depressing to be waging in the first place. We’ve collected the best of them to enjoy while Davis brings the fight to today’s Texas legislature special session, called by endlessly frustrating Governor Rick Perry. Hopefully she’ll bring the baby dragon someone helpfully photoshopped onto her shoulder.

Wendy Davis Nail Art

Austin’s Nails Y’all has developed the perfect accessory for flipping off enraged men’s rights activists: Wendy Davis nail decals to top off any manicure. Salon owner Meghann Rosales sold the nail decals, along with designs such as the “Pink Sneakers” and the “Orange You Angry,” at a benefit on Sunday. Patrons were encouraged to attend the event, which donated half its proceeds to Planned Parenthood and boasted a full selection of “Pro-Lady Nail Art,” with a supremely awesome Facebook dispatch from Rosales: “Attention Austin babes: show your support for Texas women’s health by finger banging Rick Perry!” Now that’s good marketing.

Lil B Takes a Stand

Unstoppable force/Internet deity Lil B took time out of his busy schedule to issue a Twitter shout-out to Davis mid-filibuster. Encouraging Davis to “STAY #BASED AND POSITIVE! FIGHT FOR WOMENS RIGHT!,” the Bay Area MC later followed up with Rolling Stone, penning an endearingly straightforward op-ed voicing his solidarity with Davis and feminism in general. Choice excerpt: “I support Wendy Davis, and I stand with her. When politicians try to restrict women’s rights, it hurts. These things should be up to women. There are a lot of different situations where pregnancy comes about — as a man, it’s hard for me to make a decision on that. It’s up to a woman how she wants to bring a child into the world, or if she wants to continue with her life and mature more and bring a child in when she’s ready.” Right?!

Feminists Hijack the Mizuno Wave Rider 16’s Amazon Page

Davis’ now-legendary pink sneakers are, of course, available for purchase at the world’s largest online retailer, and now potential buyers can learn all about the footwear’s new feminist street cred (and get into abortion-rights debates with trolls) in the shoes’ reviews section. The sneakers now have over 200 five-star reviews, almost none of which have anything to do with their arch support. The top-rated review, with nearly 6,000 endorsements: “The next time you have to spend 13 hours on your feet without food, water or bathroom breaks, this is the shoe for you. Guaranteed to outrun patriarchy on race day.” Too bad one buzzkill reviewer had to point out that Mizuno’s CEO is staunchly Republican.

Kristen Schaal Stages Her Own Stand-In

We’ve already praised Schaal’s “Fila-buster”-clad performance, but it deserves further recognition for being a fine example of the tasteful-but-shrewd, funny-but-serious political commentary The Daily Show has built its reputation on, even in Jon Stewart’s absence. Urine bottle in hand, Schaal delivers a barnstormer of a speech calling out women who actually support ultra-restrictive abortion measures, appropriating the now-iconic image of Davis and her footwear to stage a hilarious takedown of her political opponents. It’s also an impressively topical way to reincorporate Schaal, who’s achieved a considerable level of fame since she first appeared on The Daily Show, back into the program.

Crowd-Editing Does Its Magic

Sometimes Wikipedia’s populist model leaves it vulnerable to inaccuracy. But sometimes those inaccuracies are totally worth it. Witness this short-lived edit to Davis’ description, preserved for all eternity by the wonders of the iPhone screenshot. It’s just beneath the only slightly less impressive note that the single mother is a Harvard Law alumna.

What Would Tami Taylor Do?

Fierce Texas ladies stick together, even if one of them isn’t actually a real person. Endorsed by Connie Britton (now of Nashville) herself in collaboration with Planned Parenthood, just $32 will get feminist Friday Night Lights fans everywhere a T-shirt invoking the show’s awesome protagonist, with proceeds benefiting the organization’s Action Fund. It’s not directly a tribute to Davis, but the shirt was designed in response to the SB5 measure the senator so effectively publicized, so we’ll include it. Also, the shirt is great and comes in over a dozen colors, so go ahead and buy a couple or five.

This Amazing Picture

In which a two-minute Photoshop job draws one of the most accurate/flattering pop cultural analogies we’ve ever seen (optional caption: “Not a state senator. A Khaleesi.”). Sometimes the Internet gets it right.