Snoop Lion Recorded With Michael Jackson and Other Things We Learned From His Reddit AMA


Snoop Dogg Lion’s epic AMA from last December has become the stuff of Reddit legend, and ever since, I’ve been rather hoping he might jump back on there again to answer a bunch more questions. Happily, last night that wish was fulfilled — his Snoopness spent several hours answering questions in his own inimitable style, and in amongst the gazillion marijuana-related queries, there were some genuinely interesting questions and answers. In particular, there’s the revelation that he recorded with Michael Jackson, along with his opinions on gun control, his thoughts on Game of Thrones, and his favorite impressionist painter.

There’s apparently an unreleased Snoop/Michael Jackson collaboration: “did a song with Michael when he was alive! Its in tha vault”

Miley Cyrus is all grown up, apparently — because Snoop says she can “smoke like a broke chimney.”

His opinion on guns: “Ban em.” To elaborate: “im tired of tha useless loss of life n sick of seeing kids getting hurt.”

Snoop’s reading recommendations: “pimp by iceberg slim. real game. watch the documentary that my OG ice-t is gettin ready to put out”

… his favorite rock bands: “beatles rolling stones ramones tha list goes on”

… his pick for the greatest rapper of all time: “favorite is Slick Rick”

… and, um, his favorite impressionist painter: “MONET come on pimp.”

The rightful king of Westeros? “mother of dragons or tha midget.”

This dude is apparently Snoop’s weed dealer of choice, because he “got that iowa sticcy.” Duly noted.

iPhone or Android? Both: “i got both. im rich”

Would he work with Lil B? Why, yes: “Based God. I fux wit lil B!”

He likes Narduwar: “Chuuuch Nardwuar is a g! One of the best interviews in tha game! does his research”

He likes listening to Bollywood music: “Bollywood! They got luv 4 tha dogg in INdia!! Singh is king!!”

His thoughts on the state of rap today: “I think its beautiful 2day! Tha new breed show respect to tha old skool n allota of em incorporate tha OGs in to their style. Tha rap game is always gonna move forward. we can’t hold on to the past we gotta just keep tha message going.”

And finally, life advice: “aint nothn 2 it but 2 doit!!!” Word.