Pic of the Day: Hipster Masters of the Universe


He-Man wears: Jacket - Dior Homme, Jeans - April 77, Shoes - Pierre Hardy

German illustrator Adrian Riemann explains his interesting Masters of the Universe project: “I imagined them somewhere in the indie/hipster/fashion-scene, as if they were doing a photo shoot for some magazine. I’m a fashion-nerd myself, so I dressed them up in things that really exist and that I like. They were hand-drawn on A3, and I plan to print them on fluorescent or glow in the dark paper. And hopefully do an exhibition with them.” Someone should get him involved with Sony’s upcoming live action adaptation. More characters after the jump. [via Waxy.org]

Skeletor wears: Hoody - Loopwheeler, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Shoes - YSL

She-Ra wears: Jacket & Top - H&M, Jeans - April 77, Shoes - Vintage

Man-At-Arms wears: Windbreaker - Nike, Jeans - Flat Head, Shoes - Common Projects