The Great Mia Farrow / Philip Roth ‘Sharknado’ Hoax of 2013


Last night, as 98.8% of Twitter finished up live-tweeting their thoughts and emotions on Sharknado, Syfy network’s C-grade film starring American Pie and Beverly Hills, 90210 alumni, Mia Farrow blew our minds with this tweet:

Farrow, whose marriage to Woody Allen famously ended because of Allen’s extramarital affair with the Farrows’ adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, tweeted that she was hanging out and watching trash television with an equally sex-obsessed neurotic old Jewish man, the now-retired writer Philip Roth.

Those of us who watched the Roth American Masters documentary already know that he and Farrow are pals, there was something really special and amazing in thinking that she would invite one of America’s greatest living writers over for a night of garbage TV. It kinda gave me hope for humanity for a few minutes to just try and imagine what it was like sitting in Farrow’s living room as the two played a game of, “Combine one of Roth’s novels with Sharknado,” where the two could only come up with Portnoy’s Shark and So I Married a Great White,

Sadly, it seems, it was a hoax.

MSN writer Glenn Kenny was the first to pick up on it, and it seems he was right: the photo was originally from June, and all of our dreams for humanity are now shattered.