The 10 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: of Montreal, Julia Holter


It’s Friday, which means that it’s time to look back at the best new music we’ve heard over the last few days. This week has featured the return of Kevin Barnes and his merry of Montreal types, along with a jazzy new Julia Holter track, a set of Dinosaur Jr.-endorsed headphones, a lesbian wife, the sickly Weasley sibling, a belting headache, and a dancing alien. (And new songs from Widowspeak, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Eric Copeland, Woods, King Krule, and more.) All this action is streaming for absolutely no money after the jump, so click through and get listening.

of Montreal — “Fugitive Air”

In which Kevin Barnes channels the spirit of Super Furry Animals. Excellent.

Julia Holter — “In the Green Wild”

The endlessly fascinating Julia Holter returns with the second single off her upcoming album Loud City Song. It’s rather more jaunty than “World,” which I wrote about last month — this features a distinctly jazzy upright bass and a rather catchy melody. As ever with Holter, it’s a trip down a a very singular rabbit hole, one from which you’re not keen to emerge any time soon.

Widowspeak — “True Believer”

Tremolo-laden guitar atmospherics, a generally wistful air, and Molly Hamilton’s ever-Sandovalesque voice… this is basically everything I love about Widowspeak. May they never change.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding — “Lesbian Wife”

The mighty Scott & Charlene’s Wedding are on tour in Europe at the moment, but they’ve left us something to remember them by — a new song from their Any Port in a Storm, which is out later this month. It’s a little melodic indie pop gem about missing home, which seems appropriate at this point.

Jessy Lanza — “Keep Moving”

Original dubstep label Hyperdub is diversifying these days — new signing Jenny Lanza’s highbrow disco pop has more to do with the dance floor than it does with Burial or The Spaceape. It’s kinda reminiscent of Nite Jewel and Dam-Funk’s Nite Funk project (who, incidentally, apparently have new material coming — you can hear a demo of a new track here).

King Krule — “Easy Easy”

Beyond the obligatory observation of how remarkable it is to see a voice come out of the sickly Weasley sibling, there’s a lot to ask about Archie Marshall — like, “Is that ultra-exaggerated accent actually real?” and “How is it that someone 15 years younger than me can write such good songs?”

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Dinosaur Jr. — “The Only Other Day”

We live in an age where J Mascis records an exclusive track for a certain brand of headphones. Make of this what you will, but hey, at least the song’s good.

Woods — “Be All Be Easy”

Not strictly a new song, because this featured on Woods’ excellent 2011 album Sun and Shade. But it is a new version — it was one of the last songs recorded at the band’s Brooklyn home studio, and is taken from a 7″ that came out earlier this week. It also features the band’s new drummer, Aaron Neveu.

Eric Copeland — “Cheap Treat”

Well, this gave the Flavorwire office a collective headache. Excellent.

Gunslinger — “Busy Pop”

It could be that I’ve been watching heaps of X-Files of late, but there’s something rather endearing about this video for LA duo Gunslinger’s new single — who doesn’t love a dancing alien? The song itself is, like all the duo’s music, somewhere at the border of rock and rave — if such territory is to your taste, you’ll find plenty to like here.