Megan Fox Meets SNL- 5 Throwback Characters She Should Take On


Saturday Night Live turns thirty five tomorrow night. Fortunately for the show, a 35th birthday doesn’t mean purchasing a Camaro and learning the difference between Medium Brown and Light-Medium Brown in the Just For Men catalog. Still young at heart, 30-something birthdays find us looking back on our younger, thinner years, fondly recalling nights spent with the Church Lady, Roseanne Roseannadanna, and the dude behind the counter at the Samurai Delicatessan. The season premiere also means Megan Fox, whose name makes our collective minds wander. What will she wear? How will she look? And is she any good at playing the cowbell? Here are five classic SNL characters we think Megan Fox would do a good job reviving.

Margaret Jo McCullen of NPR’s Delicious Dish

Megan Fox may be a fox, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a closet Martha Stewart. In this classic Molly Shannon-Ana Gasteyer skit, we imagine Fox hawking Amish preserves and wicker baskets. Maybe even Pete Schweddy and his “Schweddy Balls” could make an appearance. Alec Baldwin loves him some SNL — he’s hosted the show 14 times.

Arianna- Spartan Cheerleaders

There is no doubt that Megan Fox, a true child of the nineties, would have spent her younger years at sleepovers watching Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri cheer on the Chess Team. Arianna was always much better when a bitchy friend came in and stole her man. Cue Fox.

This week’s Thursday Update featured Fox mingling with former President Bill Clinton. While Darryl Hammond’s Clinton will never get old, we sort of miss the days when Monica Lewinsky would drop a bombs on the SNL audience. Too bad for President Clinton, Monica doesn’t look anything like Megan Fox. Not that Molly Shannon did either…

Another SNL classic, and one of the most underrated comedies of the ’90s, the Coneheads are due for a revival. Not sure about you guys, but we always thought Connie Conehead was sort of cute. Guest appearance Crystal Head vodka producer Dan Aykroyd as Beldar would be an extra plus. And now we’re suddenly craving some Tang.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper SNL roundup without a Gilda Radner shout out. While it’s a long shot, maybe, just maybe, Megan Fox could do justice to Roseanne Rosannadanna. OK, who are we kidding.