Flavorpill Guide to the Week’s Top 10 LA Events


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Monday, July 15

FOOD/WINE: dineLA Restaurant Week

Tuesday, July 16

MUSIC: TeamSupreme TeamSupreme originated as an idea between Preston James (Virtual Boy) and Great Dane, but quickly expanded to include an all-star crew of LA producers, mostly from Low End Theory. Each time, someone different picks two samples and a BPM. The files get passed around, and everybody has roughly an hour to use the guidelines, flip the sample, and make a one-minute beat — beginning and ending with the transition sample. It all gets quickly stitched together and put on Soundcloud as a free download. Fast forward a year after TeamSupreme officially kicked off and the crew is starting to blow up. Mr Carmack played Coachella 2013, Djemba Djemba’s remix of Banks has 300,000 plays on Soundcloud, Colta played the Boiler Room, and exciting new collaborations are turning heads including Lion Kngs and Penthouse Penthouse. TeamSupreme hits the Echo for the 11th incarnation of its ongoing series: the first time that all the members of TeamSupreme are in town, including Mr Carmack from Hawaii, Jonathan Stein from NYC, and Tk Kayembe and Kendo (Two Fresh) from Colorado — just a few of the talented artists rocking individual sets. — Lola T.

Wednesday, July 17

ART: Tim Youd: Typing Charles Bukowski’s Post Office After 14 years of working for the US Postal Service, Bukowski finally managed to quit his government job in 1969 and devote himself to writing full time, thanks to John Martin of Black Sparrow Press. Published in 1971, Post Office is a semi-autobiographical account of the author’s adult years that also marked the beginning of Bukowski’s career as a novelist. More than 40 years later, artist Tim Youd sets up shop in the parking lot of Bukowski’s erstwhile workplace, the US Post Office Los Angeles Terminal Annex, in order to type the author’s seminal work from beginning to end, all on the same sheet of paper. It’s part of a series in which Youd “performs” works of modern literature in locations that are tied to the books themselves, using the same kind of typewriter the author used to create the original; in this case, an Underwood Champion. Youd also creates an accompanying visual piece with each exhibition that includes a self-portrait of himself on the typewriter along with what the artist describes as “sculpted typewriter ‘portraits’.” Keep an eye out for Youd’s forthcoming performances of works by Tom Wolfe, Kurt Vonnegut, Philip K. Dick, and Henry Miller, and catch the conclusion of the Bukowski typewriter performance at Coagula Curatorial in conjunction with Perform Chinatown. — Tanja M. Laden

Thursday, July 18

MUSIC: Songs in the Key of Los Angeles The Los Angeles Central Library has amassed a sheet-music collection 50,000 pieces strong, providing a huge resource for professor Josh Kun, director of the Popular Music Project at USC Annenberg’s Norman Lear Center, and his students to research material for a new book from Angel City Press: Songs in the Key of Los Angeles: Sheet Music from the Collection of the Los Angeles Public Library. In conjunction with the book’s recent release, the Library Foundation of Los Angeles highlights some of the most vivid sheet-music samples in a related exhibition at the Los Angeles Central Library with a musical conversation with author Josh Kun and Quetzal. — Tanja M. Laden


Friday, July 19

MUSIC: The Dan Band The Dan Band is a group of dudes in touch with their feminine sides. Dan and his delightfully nerdy male synchronized dancers/backup singers have pulled in adoring audiences for over a decade with their covers of female-identified songs such as “I Am Woman” and “Single Ladies.” After appearing as the wedding band in Old School and playing bar mitzvah musicians in Starsky and Hutch (in which they did a wildly inappropriate rendition of Roberta Flack’s “Feel like Making Love”), the musicians perform femme-centric anthems in a show at Club Nokia. — Karin E. Baker

FOOD/WINE: East LA Meets Napa

Saturday, July 20

BOOKS: Anthony Ausgang: The Pawnee Republican Founding member of the Pop Surrealism movement and an incessant coiner of alternatives to the “Low Brow” moniker, painter and sometime toy-designer Anthony Ausgang is obsessed with cultural quirks such as cartoons and commercial ennui. His feline characters caricature humanity’s penchant for silliness and his supersaturated, artificial palette critiques our superficiality and, well, artifice. But the artist’s singular POV isn’t just visual — it extends into the literature medium as well, as evidenced with his new book, The Pawnee Republican — a novella inspired by the language of spam emails vis-a-vis our ever-evolving junk-mail filter-systems. Join Anthony Ausgang for a book-release party featuring the author/artist himself, along with two of his eloquent cohorts: LA’s beloved art critic and author of the book’s introduction (not to mention a Flavorpill alum) Shana Nys Dambrot; and self-described “failed visionary and reluctant icon,” poet and arts writer John Tottenham. — Lola T.

CITY GEM: James M. Cain’s Southern California Nightmare

Sunday, July 21

FILM: LA: Erasure and the Modern City