132 Words On Why We Love Jane Mount and Jason Polan


Jane Mount and Jason Polan love to draw. Their love for drawing is infectious. Jason drew 132 Birds at the American Museum of Natural History. (He likes spending time in museums.) Jane painted *132 Birds Leaving the AMNH (response to Jason Polan), before she ever met him. (She really liked his drawing.) Now they are friends. Jane and Jason are both smart and funny and make work that’s smart and funny about this world that we live in that’s teeming with animals, people, good friends and strangers, clones (more animals!), books, films, and art. The best thing about Jane and Jason and the art that they make: it’ll make you more curious about all these things in this world that we live in.

Don’t believe me? You’ll have to **meet them yourself.

– Sara Lang Distin

* Jane’s 132 Birds Leaving the AMNH (response to Jason Polan) will be released on 20×200 this week. If you want first crack at seeing the print, sign up for the 20×200 mailing list here.

** Check out these emerging artists at Thrilla in Manila, a no holds barred draw-a-thon between arty friends at Jen Bekman Gallery to benefit 826NYC, Wednesday, December 3rd through Saturday, December 6th, noon to 6 p.m.