Flavorpill Guide to the Week’s Top 10 LA Events


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Monday, July 22

MUSIC: The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands

Tuesday, July 23

BOOKS: Distilling Rob: Manly Lies and Whisky Truths Former TV writer and journalist Rob Gard moved to a small Scottish island in 2009 to experience a completely different way of life: laboring in a whisky distillery. Gard made the move to get in touch with his blue-collar roots, understand himself, and finally feel like an adult. In his memoir and travelogue, Distilling Rob, he uses the whisky maturation process as an analogy for how boys become men. The whisky writer celebrates his book’s release at the café Muse on 8th, where he reads from the book and participates in a brief Q&A, followed by a celebration next door at Little Bar, which is offering happy-hour drink prices for reading attendees. — Karin E. Baker

Wednesday, July 24

FOOD/WINE: Napa Valley Grille & Summerland Winery

Thursday, July 25

MUSIC: Sunset Concerts: The Belle Brigade Oscar-winning composer John Williams’ grandkids Ethan and Barbara Grusuka are also the children of successful TV and film composer Jay Gruska, so it’s safe to say they were born into a musical legacy. As the Belle Brigade, their harmonies have earned the two siblings comparisons to the likes of Simon & Garfunkel and The Everly Brothers. The band blends classic Americana influences, from country twang and folk to a breezy ’70s-era California sound. Hear the Belle Brigade perform live in the kick-off to the Skirball Cultural Center’s 17th annual free music series. Reservations aren’t required, but there’s limited seating and it’s on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to get there early. — Karin E. Baker

Friday, July 26

FILM: Get Out of the Car and Schindler’s Houses Thom Andersen’s 34-minute film, Get Out of the Car (2010), is a coda to his visual treatise on LA as a character: Los Angeles Plays Itself (2003). A poetic journey of LA’s dazzling, bygone signage, Anderson’s short film complements Heinz Emigholz’s full-length feature: Schindler’s Houses (2006). With a similar vibe to Get Out of the Car, Emigholz’s film is a moving visual portrait comprised of 40 LA-area homes designed and built between 1921 and 1952 by modernist residential architect Rudolph Schindler. Part of LACMA’s Los Angeles Past, Present and Future series, the screening is presented by the city’s oldest-running ongoing experimental film program, Los Angeles Filmforum, in association with Pacific Standard Time Presents Modern Architecture in LA. — Tanja M. Laden

FILM: Cinespia Salon: Iasos

Saturday, July 27

ART: Fat Girl Recently, photographers have been taking pictures of regular, everyday people in the nude, proclaiming that every body is beautiful, blemishes and all. While it’s certainly true, as a trend, it’s become a bit tiresome. Avoiding the feel of “been-there-done-that,” Rare Bird Books’ new publication Fat Girl highlights erotic entertainer April Flores, and it’s a loving depiction of a plus-sized subject from her equally loving husband and photographer, Carlos Batts. But instead of the usual photographic tropes featuring black-and-white images of the model looking off into the distance, seemingly at ease with her body and surroundings, this collection of pictures is as edgy as it is artistic. Because Batts and Flores are married, their relationship adds a certain dimension to the photos you wouldn’t ordinarily see or think about otherwise. Flores performs “Body Image” at the opening of Coagula Curatorial’s exhibition of photos from Fat Girl, featuring everything from casual and spontaneous Polaroids to professional sets with backdrops and props. The one constant is Flores’ beauty taking center stage. — Brendan A. Murray

DANCE: National Dance Day

FESTIVAL: Perform Chinatown

Sunday, July 28

CITY GEM: Downtown Flea Don’t miss the July 28 opening of the much-anticipated Downtown Flea. Part food festival and part vintage bazaar (with a touch of Etsy), this new flea market is presented by the creator of the Fairfax High Flea Market. The Downtown Flea takes place every fourth Sunday and promises vintage items, mid-century décor, indie designers, collectibles, skateboards, live music, and food trucks like The Melt. — Karin E. Baker