10 Celebrities We Wish Would Quit Twitter


Former married couple Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold recently destroyed each other on Twitter over, well, divorced couple stuff. Barr was not happy after Arnold tweeted about giving his old wedding videos to Goodwill, and the resulting feud was not just biting (“I’ve got old wedding videos from several women. Why you think it’s all about YOU? Good lord I feel sorry for Monsanto with you on their asses”), but pretty depressing. It was like listening to your parents fight, and hearing it all through social media made it that much worse. Both of them could probably use a break from Twitter, as well as the following ten celebrities.

Perez Hilton

One of the most famously bilious writers of the TMZ age is still prominent on Twitter, and he definitely hasn’t softened. Hilton continues to be the biggest bully of the Hollywood press circuit, and the harsh light of fame doesn’t get any easier when you’re on his cutting board. His especially cruel brand of schadenfreude was sad to watch ten years ago, and it’s sad now.

Azealia Banks

At this point, 2012’s buzziest pop star gets a lot more attention for her Twitter fights than her music. Since her rise to prominence, she’s sparred with Angel Haze, Rick Ross, the aforementioned Perez Hilton, and most recently, Lily Allen. Needless to say, it’s gotten a bit old, and isn’t there, y’know, something else she’s supposed to be working on?

Donald Trump

Trump’s Twitter very frequently verges on self-parody, considering a lot of his tweets are a confirmation of what so many of us already expected from the human embodiment of Scrooge McDuck. It’s hard to get shocked at the dramatically inappropriate things Trump says when we all already knew he’s a terrible person. Do we need a daily reminder of how much rich people suck?

Amanda Palmer

The former Dresden Dolls singer is a notorious shock jock, and her frequent attempts at provocation are not just insensitive, but really, really tired. It’s hard to see if there’s any purpose to her outrageousness, but watching her try to get a reaction from the public got old a long time ago.

Tyler, the Creator

I want to like Tyler, the Creator — he clearly has interesting ideas, and it’s exciting to see him collaborate with artists like Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier — but he doesn’t make it easy. He’s developed a reputation for misogynistic, homophobic quotes over the years, and his responses to criticism usually just add fuel to the fire. Wolf is proof that Tyler is a lot more compelling when he’s not in full-on attack mode, so his rants can be depressing.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Much like Donald Trump’s, Gwyneth Paltrow’s entire social media presence is a reminder of how different the rich and famous are from the rest of us. But Trump at least knows he’s immensely privileged; Paltrow seems to have absolutely no idea. She gets a lot of flak for her obliviousness to different lifestyles, and the fact that she can’t figure out why is even more telling than the statements that cause the negative reaction in the first place.

Bret Easton Ellis

Ellis’ words are so heavily cloaked in irony that it’s always been hard to tell what he’s trying to say. It seems, then, that giving him a Twitter account would be an immediately bad idea. His tweets read like his fiction: cynical, controversial, and not at all politically correct. The result is, not surprisingly, pretty divisive.

Lil B

Don’t get me wrong: I love Lil B, but his Twitter is kind of a mess. He retweets pretty much every fan who asks for it, which can be pretty exhausting for your average follower. I was hoping his feed would be a bit more like Andrew WK’s — a collection of inspirational quotes from one of weirdest figures in pop culture. Sometimes it dips into that territory, and it’s wonderful, but those updates are hard to find through all the spammy fan retweets.

Image via Seamus Gallagher

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes has been posting some pretty strange stuff on Twitter for years now, and her tirades have definitely been entertaining. But after awhile, all the evidence of her downfall has gotten to be a bit of a bummer, and she could probably use a break from tweeting about it.

Anthony Weiner

Speaking of bummers…