MP3 Premiere: Darren Sylvester, “Dream or Something Like That”


Australian polymath Darren Sylvester is one of those people who seems almost unfairly talented. He’s a successful photographer and installation artist, and a fantastic musician to boot, part of the same Melbourne-based musical community that has given us luminaries like Beaches, Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, and Lost Animal. Sylvester’s self-titled debut album was originally conceived as the soundtrack to one of his installations, but it was so good that it eventually got a release on its own, and we’re excited to premiere the lead single from his upcoming second record, Off By Heart, which is out on October 4 through Chapter Music. The song is a driving, hard-edged belter, all ’80s-influenced tremolo guitars and bruised, sardonic lyricism: “The time I lit your cigarette/ You looked me down and never up again.” Click through to listen!