Comic-Con Swag, Lady-Staffed Writers’ Rooms: Links to See


Punk rock elitists were up in arms about Kristen Stewart’s Black Flag tee earlier this week — take a guess as to how much of the outcry was sexist. Netflix series Orange Is the New Black is breaking new ground in more ways than one. Not only has it made a breakout star of transgender actress Laverne Cox, but its writers’ room has pretty groundbreaking composition as well. Roman Polanski rape victim Samantha Geimer is reclaiming the narrative surrounding the famous incident with a new memoir and fascinating photography to accompany it. In honor of Blue Jasmine, BlackBook compiled cinema’s most captivating unhinged women. Lastly, if you already were jealous of all the folks attending Comic-Con, prepare to drool over the awesome swag and doodads they get to play with while they’re there.