The 5 Best New Songs We Heard This Week: Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Dam-Funk


It’s Friday, which means that it’s time to look back at the best new music we’ve heard over the last few days. This has been something of a fallow week, so much so that we’re scaling our usual ten-song selection to five — better to have five quality tracks than pad out with filler, no? And five quality tracks we do indeed have — there’s a new song from Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, the Darren Sylvester track we premiered earlier this week, a super-secret Dam-Funk demo that’s streaming today only, plus the return of Sebadoh and Crystal Antlers. Click through to get amongst it!

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding — “Wild Heart”

Another new track from the mighty Scott & Charlene’s Wedding — this is another preview of their new album Any Port in a Storm, which is out on August 13. This is a song for S&CW main man Craig Dermody’s old NYC roommate, and it’s as ingenously charming and heartfelt as everything else we’ve heard from the record so far.

Dam-Funk — “Can U Feel This Funk In Me?”

Even in a slow week, there’s one man you can rely on to be releasing music — the ever-prolific Dam-Funk, who just dropped this characteristically liquid funk jam, which is apparently streaming on his Soundcloud for today only. Get cracking!

Darren Sylvester — “Dream Or Something Like That”

As premiered here earlier this week!

Sebadoh — “I Will”

Hey, there’s a new Sebadoh album! It’s called Defend Yourself, and it’s out on September 17 — it’ll be Lou Barlow’s first full-length record under this moniker since 1999, which means that its imminent arrival is pretty exciting. By the sound of this song, he’s lost none of the blearily melodic charm that characterized his previous work. Excellent.

Crystal Antlers — “Rattlesnake”

For a moment at the start of this track, it sounds like Crystal Antlers have mellowed somewhat since we last heard them — but then the drums kick in, the distortion pedals get stomped on, and Johnny Bell starts hollering, “RATTLESNAKE! RATTLESNAKE!” So, OK, no, they haven’t mellowed at all. But that’s perfectly alright with me.