Early Hollywood Wasn’t Illuminati or Opus Dei, But Still Had Disturbing Allegiances: Links You Need to See


The Harry Potter series is getting a book cover makeover! The selected artist is Eisener Award winner and comic-book illustrator artist, Kazu Kibuishi. Favorite silly person Anna Kendrick turned up on So You Can Think You Can Dance and delightful things transpired (obviously). For some — ahem, me — children’s choirs are terrifying and creepy, but once in a while they prove to be excellent at making great pop culture moments. An idiotic band by the name of Day Above Ground has released a song called “Asian Girlz” and it’s as offensive and moronic as it sounds. Lastly, the new book The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler reveals that the first Golden Age of Hollywood had some pretty strong ties to Nazi Germany, and looks like it’ll be a fascinating read.