Celebrate 30 Years of Ralph Lauren Home With a Lookbook of Gorgeous Preppy Interiors


It’s been 30 years since Ralph Lauren grew from being solely the guy who created shirts favored by country club goers (and the people who wanted to look like country club goers) into the guy who influenced how those people decorated their homes. He launched the Ralph Lauren Home Collection back in 1983, and to celebrate the line’s birthday, Architectural Digest put together a slideshow of all of the spaces that Lauren inhabits. To further honor his latest design milestone, we’ve put together a little lookbook of preppy interiors in case he needs extra inspiration after three decades of influencing how people put together their homes.

Maximilian Sinsteden’s dorm room, Drew University. [via New York]

We Took to the Woods, Greenville, South Carolina [via Garden & Gun]

This might be one of the top ten bathrooms ever. [via Apartment Therapy]

If you’re going to go preppy, you might as well take inspiration from the dorm room of an actual Ivy League student. [via Refinery 29]

The Boat Room [via Chez Larsson]

Ezra Koenig’s room [via Spin]

You can never go wrong with plenty of books + pleated leather couch. [via House Beautiful]

You also can’t go wrong with lots of sunlight and some dead butterflies. [via Bosworth Hoedemaker]

Or perhaps you’d prefer to take your cues from how Kate and Andy Spade decorate their pad? [via The Selby]

Lots of old books and remnants of industry make for good decoration at Best Made Co., NYC [via A Continuos Lean]

Assuming you don’t live in a big city, and you’ve got the space, a mud room is pretty crucial. [via]

A framed Hermes scarf like the one in Hollister and Porter Hovey’s living room is a good idea. [via]

You could also go the same route as the “Preppy Pack Rat,” Thomas Cary. [via Town & Country]

How much plaid can you take?!? [via Curbed]

And here’s Wes Anderson in a hell of his own creation. [via]

Overall, the thing you want to stress most is comfort. [via]

Of course a Refinery 29 editor knows how to decorate.

“Our style is a mix of masculine and preppy with a dash of refined kitsch. Think Ralph Lauren meets Jonathan Adler.” Sounds delightful. [via Apartment Therapy]