Listicle Roundup: Bad Inventions, Sex Drive Killers, and Ancient Maps


We collect listicles the way that Lady Gaga collects crazy outfits: the more deliberately outlandish it is, the better. After the jump, find a roundup of five of our recent favorites — including the super hilarious 25 Passive Aggressive Office Kitchen Notes. As always, be sure to email us with links to any interesting ones we might have missed.

30 Dumb Inventions… including the Finnish portable sauna [via Life]

10 Anti-masturbation Devices… including Bea Arthur [via oobject]

25 Passive Aggressive Office Kitchen Notes… including the mystery of the missing Baby Ruth bars [via Holy Taco]

5 Directors Who Made Great Remakes of Their Own Films… including Alfred Hitchcock [via Spout]

20 Cool Ancient Maps… including “The Island of California” [via Kottke]

Bonus link:

100 Viral Videos In 4 Minutes… including Leeroy Jenkins [via BuzzFeed]