14 Totally Creepy ‘Breaking Bad’ Tattoos


I realize that memorializing your favorite pop culture artifacts in tattoo form has a long and storied history. But let me ask you this: isn’t it a little creepy to be so devoted to the degraded morals of a former chemistry teacher that you feel the need to tattoo the proof of his degeneracy on your arms and legs? These are questions which could be posed to any/all of the following tattoo bearers, most of whom are permanently displaying some kind of reproduction of Walter White’s Heisenberg on their body. Because nothing says “employable” like, “My existential dream is to be a murderous drug dealer,” I guess.

“I will not be harassed bitch,” by unknown artist.

Via reddit.

Via Aaron Paul’s instagram account.

“Traditional Portrait” by Paul, Spilled Ink Tattoo Studio, Dublin.

Via reddit.

From Intense Colours Studio in Southhampton, England.

From Timeless Tattoo in Glasgow.

From Matt Cooley, a Manchester, UK tattoo artist.

From Marked for Life Tattoo Studio.

Filadam Tattoo, Istanbul.

A ‘Simpsons’-‘Breaking Bad’ hybrid, artist unknown.

Steve Bauer at Premier Tattoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado