A Critical Analysis: The Dirty Projectors on Jimmy Fallon


Earlier this month, The Dirty Projectors played David Letterman. We thought they sounded pretty good, but were distracted by Angel Deradoorian’s beauty and the boys’ mustaches. Last night, they stopped by Jimmy Fallon and played “When The World Comes to an End,” from the series of suites they did with Bjork at Housing Works last spring. After the jump watch the video and find out what our hyper-critical judges thought this time around.

Judge #1: With Phoenix last week, and now this, I am beginning to think that Jimmy Fallon has really good sound people. Maybe they could write funny jokes for him, too.

Judge #2: These guys shouldn’t translate to TV, but they sound amazing.

Judge #3: They aren’t really that fun to watch, but it’s really hard to look away. The girls look cute, like three little sirens. Dave, however, doesn’t seem to care.

Judge #4 (Special guest judge, the ever observant QUESTLOVE): Based on their setup and sound…imma take a wild guess dirty projectors are from BK? (This is the most objectively correct statement here. Winner.)

More Questlove: this slow jamming on @latenightjimmy was HARD jack

And the Questlove finale: Dirtry projectors really became a fav of mine after today.

Judge #5 (Special guest judge Jimmy Fallon): They did something different and cool. I like them.

Judge #6: Nat’s still rocking that ‘stache. And he wore his Beatles tee. Maybe this helps the world beyond Brooklyn better relate to their avante-pop.

Judge #7: One time, I met Dave Longstrength. He came into the restaurant I worked in’ I professed my love and he bused his own table for me. It was really nice. I really like the Dirty Projectors. This performance is really nice.

Judge #8: What did YOU think?