An Oasis for Gay Gamers, Unpacking Steven Moffat’s ‘Doctor Who’: Links You Need to See


Being a geek can be a hard enough, but being a geek and encountering widespread rejection based on sexuality is harder. For that reason, GaymerX, an all gay-gamer convention in San Francisco, aims to end homophobia in the gaming community. Speaking of having it tough, being a female in Series 6 of Doctor Who seems to be a tough gig as well. Under Steven Moffat’s direction, has the doctor just become a symbol of self-important hyper-paternalism? Illustrator Mike Wrobel has moved on from making ’90s-themed illustrations of Game of Thrones characters and is now making Muppet-themed Breaking Bad posters. We recently did a rundown of Jane Austen’s most famous haters that would make Austenites’ blood boil; if it pissed you off, that probably means that you’re a diehard Austen fan.