What Your Favorite Disney Movie Says About You


Walt Disney’s animation studio has pretty much defined the childhoods of people across the globe, so much so that it’s nearly impossible not to consider at least one of its many animated features very dear to your heart. Since we’ve already ranked the 20 best animated movies in the Disney canon, why not celebrate Friday’s release of Cars rip-off Planes by stereotyping Disney fans by their favorite movies? Click through for a completely accurate reading of your personality based on your favorite Disney cartoon.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

You’re way too nice.

The Lion King

You own several pairs of Toms.

Beauty and the Beast

Despite everything, you will always see the good in people.


You’re either well-versed in or completely ignorant of Orientalism as a concept.


Why yes, you did wear a headdress to Coachella.

The Jungle Book

You’re totally willing to overlook casual ’60s racism.

Sleeping Beauty

You never quite shook that goth phase.

Lady and the Tramp

You just can’t get enough of Italian food!

Peter Pan

You’re way too old for those skinny jeans.


You’re very honest.

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

You protest puppy mills.

Alice in Wonderland

You’re still having flashbacks from your college drug years.

The Little Mermaid

You talk about your dad with your therapist a lot.

Robin Hood

You consider Occupy Wall Street to be a resounding success.

The Emperor’s New Groove

You’re a David Spade fan and you’re not ashamed.


You would never call yourself a feminist.


You’re a vegetarian.


You wish every movie could have a sassy Greek chorus.


You have a yin-yang tattoo.


You’re a liar. Nobody actually likes Fantasia.