Best of Flavorwire: All Things ‘Breaking Bad’


For every Breaking Bad fan out there old and new, we at Flavorwire have compiled an essential list of our best offerings on the much-loved series as it nears its close. Our featured content on Breaking Bad ranges from humorous to analytical, contemplative to downright zany, but such is the nature of the show, which continuously proves through its inventive story-telling, lurid drama and controversial subject-matter that good television–hard as it is may seem to come by these days–is alive and well in New Mexico. Take a look at some of the inspired content we’ve featured on Breaking Bad throughout the course of its infamous run, and see how and why the show has attracted the cult following that it has.

Candy Meth and Los Pollos Hermanos: The Best ‘Breaking Bad’ Inspired Food

From candy to cocktails to crispy fried chicken, here’s an assortment of some of the best (and wildest) Breaking Bad inspired food and drinks. (A note: it’s probably best to leave the candy Meth Rocks at home.)

Walter White is the Antidote to Antiheroes

Very recently, Judy Berman addresses many concerns that face the archetype of the modern antihero, arguing that Walter White is a welcome break from a tried-and-true formula.

The 12 Essential ‘Breaking Bad’ Episodes

Here, Jason Bailey proffers his list of 12 essential ‘Breaking Bad’ Episodes that best define and evoke the show’s breadth, artistry, and gripping drama.

Someone made a Mash-Up of Scenes from ‘Breaking Bad’ with Wierd Al’s ‘Albuquerque’

Worlds collide as Weird Al’s short film “Albuquerque” is rather skillfully mashed with choice scenes from Breaking Bad, in a pairing as strange as it is charming.

Watch Samuel L. Jackson Do a Monologue from ‘Breaking Bad’

The title is self-explanatory.

14 Totally Creepy ‘Breaking Bad’ Tattoos

Sometimes it lasts in love, and sometimes it’s a poorly advised choice you probably made on a drunken dare that will haunt you and your skin for the rest of your life. Yes, here are several tatoos showcasing fans’ ardent adoration of Walter White and the universe in which he roams, proving that, in times of doubt, it’s almost never advised to memorialize yourself in ink with the face of a murderous meth-dealer.

Wanted: Unofficial ‘Breaking Bad’ Lego Walter White

Early this year, toy company Citizen Brick released an unofficial Breaking Bad inspired “Lego” character that’s as charming as it is an accurate representation of the infamous Walter White.

Photo Gallery: ‘Breaking Bad’ Props and Costumes from the Museum of the Moving Image

And finally, the Museum of the Moving Image dedicated its space to a wild collection of props and costumes from Breaking Bad, and we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the exhibit.