Flavorpill’s Official ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5, Part 2 Drinking Game


In a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers, Vince Gilligan ended Breaking Bad’s midseason with DEA agent Hank Schrader stumbling upon a major clue in the New Mexico meth ring case while inside Walter White’s bathroom. We’ve been jumping out of our skin, anticipating the second part of season five ever since. The final chapter of Breaking Bad premieres tonight, and with anxiety levels set to high, booze is essential. Join us in a drinking game, which is a hell of a lot safer than becoming a meth head or trading in your job as a high school chemistry teacher to become a drug lord. Cheers!

Take a drink whenever…

Someone calls Saul.

You spot a literary reference.

Badger and Skinny Pete show up. We’re going to miss them!

Jesse looks absolutely terrified. He’s become a moral center for the series, and we’re rooting for his survival.

There’s an ironic musical montage. Can “Crystal Blue Persuasion” be topped?

Hank uses the bathroom.

Finish your drink if…

The tighty whities make a comeback. No one really needs to see that.

We find out Ted Beneke is the father of Walt Jr. or Holly. It was a fan theory for a while.

Also finish your drink if Ted Beneke pulls a Hector Salamanca, takes up arms in a wheelchair, and seeks reparations for that whole house arrest thing that Saul and Skyler orchestrated.

Lydia gets strung out on Splenda and does something crazy — like turn the tables on Walt and take off with the Czech Republic portion of the biz.

Jesse’s gun is put to use.

Skyler finally wins Breaking Bad fans over, possibly through some brilliant, nefarious scheme of her own.

Do a shot if…

Someone actually quotes Scarface. Something terrible is about to happen.

The ricin cigarette makes another ominous appearance.

Walter’s cancer comes back. The news will provoke a nail-biting reaction in him.

Whatever your paranoid suspicions about creepy Todd were come true. What’s up with that guy, anyway?

It turns out Walt left his copy of Leaves of Grass in the bathroom on purpose. He wants to get caught and possibly strike a deal with Hank.

Finish the bottle if…

Walt Jr. finally eats a complete breakfast. He’s earned it.

Gus Fring makes an appearance — in person, or as a ghost, dream figure, flashback, and drug-induced hallucination. Long live Los Pollos Hermanos.

Anyone in the White/Schrader family dies (Walt included). Morbid, we know, but it’s probably going to happen, and you’ll need reinforcements to deal with it.

Anyone goes down in a Tony Montana-style blaze of glory.

We find out that the entire series was really just an elaborate daydream of Hal’s, Bryan Cranston’s character from Malcolm in the Middle.