Video of the Day: Candice Breitz Pays Tribute to Madonna


Candice Breitz is a Berlin-based video artist who collects groups of strangers, conducting them in an orchestra of a cappella pop songs. The usually traditional Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is exposing Breitz’s work to a larger audience with the exhibition Contemporary Outlook: Seeing Songs, up through February 2010. The main gallery area overflows with snapping, sing-song renditions of all 73 minutes of the Immaculate Collection, an irreverent addition to a museum that has exhibited nineteenth-century Venetian paintings and treasures from the British Museum. Watch more insanely entertaining video pieces on the artist’s website, including Michael Jackson karaoke and a soliloquy trilogy of Jack Nicholson, Sharon Stone, and Clint Eastwood. Click through for another preview of the installation.

[via Daily Serving]