The Art of Making a Truly Incredible Bar Mitzvah Video


The video below, dug up by Kveller, is proof that while you can sink your life savings into celebrating a tween’s ascension to Jewish adulthood, there really is no point unless you get the whole thing on video.

A production of this magnitude demands to be documented, because as any good Bar/Bat Mitzvah planner knows, the party is only as good as its invite and the entrance video. How else would you get all your guests revved up? So just in case you’re ever presented with the challenge of planning one of these momentous events, we’ve put together some examples of truly fantastic Bar and Bat Mitzvah videos.

Oh, sure, you’ve seen your share of “Call Me Maybe” videos. But have you seen one featuring Sam in his tallit using his prayer book as a prop for a synchronized dance routine with his father.

No time like your upcoming 13th birthday to show off your rap skills to the world.

Get your parents involved in your Queen tribute Bar Mitzvah video. The production will totally be higher quality if you do this.

You can never have enough Auto-Tune when covering Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite.”

Get your friends involved. They’ll appreciate taking a stretch Escalade to Times Square to help you out.

Make sure the world never forgets who you are.

Pick a song that everybody knows.

Remember that everybody loves the Jersey Shore cast.

Make sure you show the world you are multi-talented.

Know that certain movie scenes never go out of style.

If your Bat Mitzvah is going to feature you figure skating for just under 15 minutes, make sure you get Johnny Weir to make a Skype cameo.

Be Drake.

But the most important thing is that you document it, because you never know what future celebrity might be DJing your big party.