Stephanie Meyers Kills Her Gods, Well, Vampires Actually: Links You Need to See


It’s hardly news that HBO loves to revel in female nudity, but it is newsworthy that there’s finally a great spoof of the situation. If you’ve still been quietly enjoying your Twilight trilogy, it’s time to go deeper into hiding because it seems that even Stephanie Meyers hates the series. Thirty years ago the stars of Back to the Future were prosthetically aged 30 years, now the internet has decided to compare and contrast the prosthetic aging to the real deal. Fish heads are pretty gross, but weirdly enough these photographs using fish heads are kind of cute. Lastly, Calvin & Hobbes is no longer the most existential and dramatic comic strip out there. that honor now goes to This Charming Charlie, a mash up of Peanuts cartoons with lyrics from The Smiths as dialogue.