Flavorwire Exclusive: Comic Strip / Music Mash-ups Inspired by ‘This Charming Charlie’


The Tumblr that has caught the attention of people across the Internet this week is This Charming Charlie, which mashes up panels from classic Peanuts comic strips and replaces the existential dialogue with the lyrics of Morrissey. When a friend tweeted that he’d rather see any other comic and musician mash-up, it made me think of other perfect pairings from the funny pages and your Spotify playlists. Check them out after the jump!

Cathy / Liz Phair

Beetle Bailey / Rage Against the Machine

Arlo and Janis / The Postal Service

Prince Valiant / Joanna Newsom

Calvin & Hobbes / Arcade Fire

The Lockhorns / Fleetwood Mac

LuAnn / Tori Amos

Nancy / Katy Perry

Hagar the Horrible / Iron Maiden

The Wizard of Id / Ke$ha

Mark Trail / Bon Iver

Shoe / Randy Newman

Mary Worth / Lady Gaga

The Boondocks / Sufjan Stevens