Walt and Jesse Are Two Ships Passing in the Night; Down with the Ingenue Bestie: Links You Need to See


If you haven’t fallen head over heels in love with the cast of Orange Is the New Black, you need only watch Danielle Brooks’ video of the ladies taking a break on set. Kick off your week with this excellent #longread on the death of the “ingenue escort” in fiction. Commentary surrounding Pacific Rim is getting caught in the cross-hairs of race and feminism, with feminist and Asian commentators debating the merits of the film. Paper Magazine has created a hilarious supercut of all the times Walt and Jesse try — and fail — to place successful phone calls to one another. Lastly, remember the terrible Golden Girls spin-off, Golden Palace? We don’t either, but it and four other atrocious spin-offs made this list of shows that should never have been made.