Mike Tyson Plays His Own Video Game, Maria Sharapova Is Trolling Us: Links You Need to See


For centuries, artists have struggled with the question, “to keep my crappy day job, or not to keep my crappy day job?” Here are 11 examples of celebrated artists who kept working the 9-5 grind. Louis C.K. went on Letterman and managed to charmingly recount the time his boat bumped into a dead body. With her latest stunt, Maria Sharapova proves that it is possible to be more annoying than a Kardashian! Rashida Jones has got big Ladyballs, and she will be displaying them to you on the CW. Coolio is ready to devote his energy to become a full-time chef, and he’s willing to sell off most of his publishing catalog to fund that dream. A new Coca-Cola campaign lets customers in Israel win 3D-printed figurines of themselves, undoubtedly ushering in an era of a new, more annoying variety of selfie in the process. And finally, sometimes it’s reallyemotionally and mentally conflicting to see Mike Tyson do adorable things.